Meet the tech team that's teaching an old industry new tricks

05/2021 - Bobbi Steele

Meet the tech team

“We are also involved in testing the technology. This is a big thing. It’s great to work with the tech team to see what they can provide us with to improve overall processes, but they need our input for reference. It’s not just them creating features and telling us to work with it, but it’s a regular process of creating, gathering input and refining for a better product”

- Jens Kühn, Operations Manager

Sustainable, scalable tech-solutions

“Since I’ve been working with numa Go, I can finally enjoy my weekends again”

- Hotel Wiegand, Hannover

Celebrating diversity that matters

An alluring, creative work environment

“I mean, if your work isn’t being used, then you’re not going to be motivated. But, when you are creating something challenging, you’re super interested in what you’re doing and here, it’s used and valued. In our case, our culture is empowering people to be creative and make things that challenge you and make you want to create more”

-Daniil, Senior Data Engineer

Flat hierarchies and self-driven responsibility

“It’s not just about working on small tasks, but really working on having an overall impact on processes. We’re the opposite of just being soldiers who take on tasks and finish them before getting more. It’s about being part of numa and shaping the culture around you”

- Luca Demmel, Head of Software Engineering

The future of the tech team


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