Bring some soul to travel

In a world of stuffy, buttoned-up, faceless hotels, we’re building a new way. We’re replacing the unnecessary fuss with some much needed simplicity and delight. Stirring technology and taste together in the world’s greatest neighbourhoods, we create stays that are unashamedly original, and that match how people feel when they travel.

State-of-the-Art technology

Our guests always come first

Our world-class guest experience is just the tip of the iceberg. With our proprietary full-stack software suite, we’ve digitalised over 80% of our internal processes, from booking and room allocation to housekeeping, accounting, and more. This keeps us scalable and cost-efficient, and helps us to weather even the most volatile of market fluctuations. By using intelligent yield management, distribution and our in-house operating systems, we can significantly reduce our administrative workload operating costs. We’re always able to keep things agile and efficient, which frees us up to focus on what’s most important: the satisfaction of our visitors.

Our team

Our investors

Numa is supported by a wide network of investors and technology funds. Our top investors, Headline, Cherry, and Soravia, represent between them a number of reputable German family offices (Otto and Miele) and more than 30 technology entrepreneurs, including the founders of Zalando. Our other supporters are entrepreneurs and experts from the travel, real estate and hospitality industry, including Nils Regge (founder of HomeToGo and Dreamlines), Gleb Tritus (MD Lufthansa Innovation Hub), Manuel Stotz (founder of Kingsway Capital), Mato Peric (founder of Immo), Andreas Brehmke, Loric Ventures, and Lions Venture.
We do the room.You do the city.
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