numa offers chic and contemporary apartments in Düsseldorf’s best neighbourhoods. Our serviced apart...

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Remember lobbies? Waiting in line? Losing your keycard? They’re history. It’s a digital world, and we’re all about it.



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Your Perfect Pub Crawl in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt

 Left to right, bar to bar! 

Your Perfect Pub Crawl in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt

 Left to right, bar to bar! 

Your Perfect Pub Crawl in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt

 Left to right, bar to bar! 


Work remotely from our Düsseldorf apartments!

It’s a digital era, and we’re all about it. Quick WiFi, spacious working desks and comfortable, minimalist rooms give guests the ideal work-life balance we’ve all been looking for. Maintain productivity and well-being here. At numa, you’ve never had a home office like this.

All the best restaurants and bars—just seconds away from you

Artol Apartments in Düsseldorf is located in Pempelfort, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood adjacent to the city's central station. You’ll be minutes away from diverse cafes, bars and restaurants— perfect for any kind of trip you’re on. If you want a taste of international cuisine, check out Rubens and their Austrian specialities, or try delicious traditional Polish dishes at Klußka, just 2 minutes away from our apartments. And no, we haven’t forgotten the most important part—Düsseldorf's top bars! If you're looking for a high-end experience, Oktopussy Bar & Restaurant, with its excellent drinks and food, is the right place for you. If you prefer to lay back and relax instead, the beach vibes of MAITAI Cocktailbar won't disappoint. And who could forget LiQ Bar, with its phenomenal cocktails and great environment!

Looking for the best museums, galleries & exhibitions? We’ve got you.

Our Düsseldorf apartments are right next to famous cultural institutions along the Rhine, including the Ehrenhof complex, which houses many important art galleries and exhibitions. Want to spend a day among paintings, sculptures and modern art? Don't miss the collection of the Kustpalast Museum! If you're a photography enthusiast, visit the Forum NRW and its great exhibitions. But that's not all: the Erenhof complex also houses important theatres and concert halls, such as the Tonhalle and Robert Schumann Hall. If you want to dive fully into Düsseldorf's history and culture, the city is a true open-air museum! Artol Apartments is just a short walk away from landmarks such as Schloss Jägerhof, the Karl Immermann Statue, the Märchenbrunnen and the Old Town Hall.

Our Düsseldorf apartments are located in incredible neighbourhoods!

At numa, the city's best is right at your apartment's door. The Pempelfort district is just seconds away from the city's most popular avenues: the Nordstraße with its collection of bookshops, antique shops, restaurants and cafés, the romantic Rhine promenade with its lovely restaurants and the famous Königsalle shopping street.

Düsseldorf's uniquely designed apartments

Tired of boring, soulless hotel rooms? We feel you. That’s why we’ve put all our creative energy into making our Düsseldorf apartments something special. From the paint colour to the homely chair you’ll love sitting in, everything’s been thoughtfully designed and arranged to be aesthetically (and dare we say, emotionally?) pleasing.

The Future of Travel

From our sustainable REN shampoos, GRIND coffee pods and premium mattresses to our digital check-in and key systems. We make travel sustainable and hassle-free. Always losing your keys? No problem! You can’t lose them if it’s all operated digitally. Our apartments are designed to make your stay easy as can be— now you can get on with exploring the heart of Düsseldorf.