Located in the heart of Rome, Vici is your window to the city's landmarks. Vici lies in the heart of...

Amenities at Vici
  • Contactless Check-In

    Contactless Check-In

  • High-speed WiFi

    High-speed WiFi

  • 24/7 Direct Contact

    24/7 Direct Contact

  • Curated City Guides

    Curated City Guides

  • Tea and Coffee

    Tea and Coffee

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in Trastevere,
See Rome in a new light from within stunning Trastevere.

6 Room types from 47

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in Campo Marzio,
Experience the true essence of Rome at Portico.

5 Room types from 61

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Info & Guidelines

<p>Self Check-In</p>

Self Check-In

Easily check in with your very own PIN code 

<p>Check-in Time: 15:00</p>

Check-in Time: 15:00

Check-in is from 15:00 onwards. Early check-in available upon request

<p>Check-out Time: 11:00</p>

Check-out Time: 11:00

Our standard check-out time is 11:00. Late check-out may be available upon request

<p>Contact Details</p>

Contact Details

For any recommendations or questions, feel free to get in touch anytime:
Telephone: +39 02 9475 5492
WhatsApp: +39 3399958940

<p>Pets Allowed</p>

Pets Allowed

Pets are welcome! For a small additional cost you can bring your four-legged friends.

<p>No Parties Allowed</p>

No Parties Allowed

Please stick to the max no. of adults per room

<p>No Smoking</p>

No Smoking

Smoking & vaping are not allowed. Smoking fee applies



about 9 days ago

location was great. hotel was clean &amp; comfortable


about a month ago

location was excellent and apartment was spacious.

Michael Gelbart

about a month ago

Good value for money clean and has a lot of extras that you won’t even get in an expensive hotel.